Domaine Gouron


The Estate

cuvee domaine gouron

This family-owned estate in the Chinon AOC appellation, covers 26 hectares. The many plots are evenly divided between the plain and the slopes:

Clay-limestone and siliceous clay soils on the slopesgravel and sand in the plain, allow the creation of different cuvées that highlight the expression of the vine, fruit-forward in the plain and full-bodied on the slopes.

Domaine Gouron offers a wide range of red, rosé and white wines. The estate’s wines are remarkable for their uniqueness and the way they faithfully express the grape variety.

In the vineyards, cover-cropping between rows and de-budding of the canes control the vine’s vigour.

The wine-making process is carried out with precision and full control of ripeness.

True to tradition, our wines are aged in tanks or barrels before the bottles are cellared. Our wines are aged under ideal conditions in tuffeau cellars and bottled on the estate.

We do the job from grape to bottle, and we also manage the distribution of our wines throughout France and the world, to restaurants and wine-merchants, thanks to our network of agents and distributors.

A bit of history

cuvee domaine gouron

Domaine Gouron, a family-owned estate, holds some outstanding terroirs in the village of Cravant-les-Coteaux. Their variety makes for both red and white Chinons.

Laurent and Stéphane carry on the work of their father and grandfather. Newly-created cuvées highlight the richness and complexity of the soils of Cravant.

The environment

cuvee domaine gouron

We don’t treat the vines systematically, as we prefer to observe and analyse the soils, the bunches and the foliage on a regular basis.

Natural green cover controlled by mowing helps manage the vine’s vigour and preserve organic matter: stems and leaves remain on the soil and are shredded to enhance microbial life and benefit pest predators.


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